Time for a break

Dear Everyone (all 5 of you who ever read this blog - Triet, Jennie, Linh and Anonymous. And of course mai wife):

I love blogging but it takes me forever. I know some people who can crank out a sweet post in 15 minutes - it takes me at least one hour for something even decent. Also, the winds of change are blowing through my life - just like the 90-degree winds of Santa Ana are blowing through my window right now - pointing me in a different direction. For now.

Currently, my whole day is taken up by thoughts such as "What can I blog next?" and it's not so healthy for me. God's been hinting to me for some time that I better get back in the swing of things (like, ummm, helping other people instead of sitting in front of my laptop all day), but I've been trying to lay low and hope he doesn't notice me. Yeah right. That just means he puts away his cell phone, skips the bull horn and goes straight for the 2x4. He pummeled me last week and I'm still sore from it, but that's what it usually takes for me to acquiesce - a good solid hit to the head, then a helping hand to lift me back up. So I'm done blogging for now, hopefully I can take care of everything that needs to be done in the next few months.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the nature of my blogging might change when I get back. I started this thing to keep in touch with my family, but as of now I don't think it even gets read by them. Once I finished (or gave up on) the layout, I found that deviating from the strict "travel-log"-style blog was enjoyable and actually quite fulfilling. Finding interesting tidbits in the news or in a recent event in the Vietnamese community that doesn't directly relate to me, but is nonetheless in the society that shapes me, and then dissecting it and analyzing it and taking a stance on it, then posting it all on my little cyber soapbox has been quite a treat. It reminds of my days in school, when I would read a book in a week and have to write a paper for or against it as if I had been arguing it my whole life. Except there's no deadline. :) The intellectual stimulation from researching an issue for an hour, then acting as if I was an expert is fun, too, even if I sound like a dork.

But all of that takes so much time for me. I might revert back to just telling what's going on in my life. As for right now, I don't have much of a life, except for blogging. So I have to make things up to write about. hic Ahh... the dilemma. We'll see what happens.

I'll be taking a break until the end of June. Once I start up again, I'll be in Vietnam. Yes, my wife and I are going this summer - we've decided to put out the money and go on a real honeymoon (not that we minded having our friends with us on our last one!) We'll be there until mid-August, and I'll try to keep the 5 of you updated with pics and all.

So friends, adieu until next time (or for the phim tàu fans, hẹn ngày tái ngộ).

p.s. The blueberries are ripe. Click to see the Flight of the Blueberry......


Jennie said...

We'll miss your posts! All I can say is that I'm jealous you and your wife are going to Vietnam! It'll be awesome and I'm sure you'll have several stories to bring back with you.

I agree blogging takes a lot of time, especially when you actually put research and thought into your articles (which you do). Have a great trip!

LINH said...

WELCOME TO VIETNAM ! ^_^ Hom nay, Linh ranh duoc mot ti nen vao blog Xanghe choi. Chuc anh co mot chuyen di vui ve va rat vui neu gap anh o VN.See u soon.

Triet said...

I'm bored now that you are on sabbatical...

and I'm jealous that you are going to VN while I am stuck in America for my last summer...why can't I just be rich so I can go to Vietnam anytime I want?

xanghe said...

no Triet, you're bored because you're done with finals :)

And I'm not as rich as you make it sound - we had to cut the trip to 3 weeks because I don't have enough time off or money to take unpaid leave. poo. That's like just enough time to visit relatives, then we'll be back on the plane. I think we're going to try for Đà Lạt around July 1st, since it is our anniversary and all. Can you tell Thi có thai by looking at her tummy yet? :)

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  • 02.17.08 - frisbee and swamp monster at the park: fun but I'm pooped!
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