I've been blessed with a pretty strong body. (hic, I just realized how that sentence sounds, anyone reading this who knows me might be rolling on the floor laughing. Get up! That's not what I meant!) I think I'm pretty immune to most food bacteria, probably from all the dirt and glue and ants I ate as a child. I usually don't get sick from what I eat, even though most of the stuff in my fridge is past due. I think the worst I can remember is when I went to Vietnam and ate cháo gà (chicken rice porridge) late at night - I think those strips of chicken had been sitting on the table all day - in Móng Cái on the Vietnam-China border. Oh my goodness, it's moments like those that I really appreciate the health that I take for granted each day!!

But last night I was hit with something new. I have this spot in the upper-middle part of my back that collects my stress. According to my mom, it's right above my guilt-collecting and pressure-of-saving-the-world-collecting spots. Oh man, it hurt last night. It felt like I was getting acupuncture with a wooden spoon. But I wasn't stressed, I was spread too thin, I wasn't even busy. Fortunately, I was able to fall asleep despite by backpain (it just occurred to me that someone might have been doing voodoo on me...lol) and this morning I had an epiphany in the shower as I pondered the reason of my sudden pain. I had poisoned myself. Even though I had a great Memorial Day, it wasn't such a great Memorial evening and night (my own fault) and I fell into a cycle of thinking negative thoughts. I was really just pouting, but I allowed these negative thoughts to dig deep enough that it got to me somatically. That's scary. It happened in like 20 minutes, a slippery slope that ended in my aching back. I know the current health push is "detoxing the body" - I recently read that drinking water every morning that has sat all night in a pure brass cup will help cleanse your system of toxins, sounds like it might repel vampires as well - but what about the mind? My body, that can withstand so many kinds of bacteria for such a long period of time, just crumbles beneath negative thoughts. Those thoughts are the poison that knows no immunity or barrier. I'm just glad I kept my mouth shut (mostly) and didn't spread my poison on to my wife.

ps. mom, I'm feeling better now :)


Jennie said...

Hey, glad to see you're back!

Reading this blog totally reminds me of my ex-boyfriend (which is not a bad thing, I think the world of him). He used to get back aches too, and would get tense. He thought it was from being too anxious about how to change his life, others' lives, how bad his life was, etc. Like you, he finally realized that he needed to get rid of all those negative thoughts and take a deep breath.

I heard Yoga, or anything meditative, works well too!

Hope your back is feeling better today!

xanghe said...

Thanks for the advice! My mom's a yogi and she even gave me a video of basic yoga moves. However, she's also a masseuse and I think I prefer her backrubs to doing yoga any day ~lol~ which isn't too often since she's in Utah and I'm not. Perhaps the most calming thing I do right now is sit out back in the cool evening breeze and play my guitar. I'm also restarting one of my old junior-high hobbies - crocheting. So I'm trying! :)

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