I've done my javascript homework and I finally figured out how to put sidenotes into my blog. To me, a sidenote is something that isn't including in the body of the text because it's too lengthy, trivial or just superfluous. In conversation, this is easy. The master of sidenotes, at least to me, was Mr Randy Oveson. He'd be telling you a story and then right in the middle of the climax, he'd lean over and say something in a hushed voice, like "You know, that guy is always doing stupid stuff like that." or "You know that's a lie." So, in my tribute to Thầy Thái, here's my attempt at cyber sidenotes. Anything in this nice blue color is a sidenote. Click on it to see what I have to say under my breath. :)

Try it our here or this one or right here.


Triet said...

welcome to javascript. you're probably better at it than me already. I use the same function to truncate posts. When i have a humongous post, I insert the javascript to expand/collapse the post so people can see more of my posts on the front page without scrolling down forever, and they can then click on the link if they really want to read the post.

My last post, Fixing March Madness is exactly like that.

Not that you write long posts...because you don't...I just...anyway...yeah...

Triet said...

Ok, so I seriously want a good comment script that would allow someone to simultaneously post a comment on more than one blog...or do something like facebook, where you could link a post to a post on another blog and look at comments on both (like facebook's "post on their wall/see the conversation" ability).

Alrighty, the answer to your comment on my blog that was an answer to my comment on your blog (see my frustration?) is that all you do is set up a simple javascript. I do mine like I found on another blog.

In the style section of my header, I have a .posthidden {display: none} and a .postshown {display: inline}.

Actually, forget me writing it down. Just look at my source code, and there are those two lines in the style section and some short javascript code right beneath that with explicit instructions on what must be put into the blog post. Copy that and you have it.

I know Aditya Murkherjee at The Last Word had drawn up some script or something to make the coding easier when writing your posts, but i didn't pay too much attention because I had just installed this version and got lazy...so check him out. Heck, you probably have a better version than I already.

Jennie said...

Hey I like the sidenotes! Very cool..

Thanks for visiting my site, I'm glad I got a chance to view your site. Lots of interesting stuff.

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