Cha nào con nấy (like father like son)

After two days of strenuous work, my dad has finished flooring all but the bedroom, mainly because we packed it full of stuff from the rest of the house. The kitchen has a bright bamboo floor now and the living room is a beautiful contrast of auburn/brown Manchurian walnut. The bill for the wood alone will put us on the mì gói list for a while, but it was well worth the effort. Usually, house improvements like this are a little disappointing - after all the planning and shopping around and buying and installing, the finished product doesn't look quite like the image on the advertisement. I hear, "This isn't the same color we picked at the store." all the time from DIY home fixer-uppers. But this has surpassed my expectations. Pictures are forthcoming.

The real reason I needed to blog tonight is because something hit me today (for the third time in the last few months) - I'm a lot like my dad. I know, I know, "Like father, like son" is such a cliché, but it's dang true. Over Christmas break, my wife and I stayed at my parents for a couple weeks to celebrate the holidays (in the snow rather than in sunny socal). As we were driving with my dad from the airport, he was texting back and forth with my brother about their weekend plans. "You know, I'm just barely becoming slightly less technology illiterate." he said as he typed (and drove). I had been thinking the same thing at work for the last few days as I pushed my mad Access skills to the limits by adding relationships to my tables and making a query. Different level of technology? Yes, but we still share the joy of learning something new, no matter how much more proficient other people might be at it.

The next instance happened on the same trip. One icy morning my dad and I decided to take a "walk" up the canyon. This walk turned out to be a 6-mile speed trek over snow-covered roads that left my heels and socks soaked in blood (stupid Shoe City shoes). The whole way up, I kept thinking, "Man, dad's trying to kill me." Did he not remember that I've lived at 58 feet above sea level for the last 5 years? Did he not realize that we were thousands of feet higher than my lungs' homeostasis and still climbing with every step? All this, but I was determined to keep my mouth shut. My lungs and heels might be bleeding bright red, but I ain't gonna say a word. I'm not a pansy. I figured dad must have loved watching me heave my way up and down that mountain, and I didn't want to ruin it by complaining. However, once we got home, I overheard someone in the kitchen ask dad how it went. He said, "That kid just kept going. I think he was trying to kill me."

Lastly, in preparing to replace our awesome carpet with hardwood, I read up on the installation techniques so I could look for potential problems before we started installing. The first item on the checklist was to check the underlayment to see if it is cement or wood. "Well, duh," I thought, "we're on the second floor. Of course it's wood. Who in their right mind would put cement on the second floor?" My wife and I measured our tiny place, ordered the wood, moved the furniture and started ripping up the old flooring. Lo and behold, right under the first tile of fake linoleum lay a smooth gray surface - none other than Mr Cement! I called dad right away to warn him. After hearing my announcement, he said, "That's funny because I just talked to my flooring guy and he said that the underlayment might be cement. I told him, 'No way, who would lay cement on the second floor?'"

Sorry about the text-heavy, pic-light post. I'll rectify that as soon as we get the desktop set up again. It has all the pictures on it.

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travel log
  • 02.13.08 - to the temple with Luan and his mom, good to be back
  • 02.14.08 - Mẫu's alive! and staying for the weekend
  • 02.15.08 - floor hockey and Thái food makes for some strange dreams
  • 02.17.08 - frisbee and swamp monster at the park: fun but I'm pooped!
  • 02.19.08 - just read Triết's response to my last post - game on!
  • 02.20.08 - raining and expected to continue through Sunday - thank goodness!
  • 02.21.08 - 3-hour nap is a bad idea right before bed
  • 02.23.08 - to the beach to watch kites, a baptism @ 5pm, and homemade bulgogi - what a day!
  • 02.25.08 - just gave myself a haircut - woo, cold head!
  • 02.26.08 - 75° and spring cleaning - couldn't feel better
  • 02.27.08 - fed the elders bún đậu tonight - think it's their first time
  • 03.01.08 - working on new background...
  • 03.02.08 - finalized javascript to change background without muffing up my other scripts
  • 03.03.08 - fhe: "In his strength I can do all things" (Alma 26:12)
  • 03.07.08 - some decisions are harder than others, but some are downright excruciating
  • 03.08.08 - there is life after work... i almost forgot
  • 03.11.08 - the distance between good and bad is much shorter than between better and best
  • 03.12.08 - conversion is sometimes a gradual process, so much so that we don't even notice
  • 03.14.08 - for some reason everything was a little harder today, looking forward for bed!
  • 03.15.08 - last night after blog reading, I missed OnlyBlue, today I find she's back
  • 03.16.08 - best day of my life!
  • 03.19.08 - "Pray for the answer that they've been looking for"
release notes v1.0 - FINALLY DONE!
  • 12.07 - first thought of starting a new blog
  • 01.08 - busy with election stuff but blog design still on back burner
  • 01.13.08 - first idea to imitate jk rowling with the "desk" theme
  • 01.28.08 - start sketching current design, breaking down development into phases
  • 02.02.08 - election only days away but still drafting final plans
  • 02.04.08 - v0.6 LAUNCH
    • main components (blog body, sidebar, header, etc) designed and implemented
    • styling for font, links, drop caps, etc. finished
  • 02.07.08 - v0.8 LAUNCH
    • image style to imitate polariod
    • moveability - post-it notes and static clings can be repositioned by drag and drop
    • release notes styled and written
  • 02.16.08 - travel log (beta) added in hopes of catching the mundane
  • 02.22.08 - lightbox 2.03 reinstalled and working fine (hopefully - let me know otherwise)
  • 02.26.08 - v0.9 LAUNCH
    • travel log seems to be working, so I'll keep it
    • lightbox also seems to have passed the test, so it's a keeper
    • some credits/info added to bottom (will expand)
    • keeping old Viet terms in archive for future viewing
  • 03.18.08 - v1.0 LAUNCH
    • installation and testing of time-sensitive background completed (for now)