Romney in Presidential Race -- Ah!

Mitt Romney
Errr.... the thought makes me queezy. I didn't post this at the beginning of the week when Romney first announced that he'd run for president because I was hoping that he would maybe change his mind. I don't know why I'm so uneasy about it, I think just because I've been around politicians enough to know how their world runs. He's rich and powerful and is gaining all the support of the anti-McCain big-wigs, but my worries are more in regard to his beliefs than his chances. Already, he's receiving serious negative media about being LDS, in addition to the on-going, funny-the-first-time side note, "Oh, by the way, did you know he's Mormon?" We all know that whatever media or bloggers say about him will be taken as fact and generalized to encompass the whole LDS Church, right? I'm a bit disenchanted with politicians because of the system under which they work. High-profile politicians are often backed into situations where they have to make a certain decision, even if it is against their policy or even moral agency. I'm not an iconoclast nor am I into anarchy (blah!), but I'm not completely convinced of the presidential power alone in effecting much change in the government because the system, the machine itself really dictates the whole. That's his format: innovation and transformation in the government. But I don't think someone can just walk in and transform the system. It's deeper than that. That's all. And I'm not really worried about him winning anyway because he's way behind according to the polls. His candidacy just made me think about all that stuff.

On the flip side, I think some positions in the government can initiate great change, and maintain it as well. Mike Leavitt, Secretary of Health and Human Services, is over 67,000 nationwide employees - an army of good-doers helping less fortunate citizens, especially in times of need such as Hurricane Katrina. He's not in a position where everything he says will be on YouTube within 5 minutes and everything he does will be dissected on hundreds of blogs by evening. He's behind the scenes, literally unknown unless you know him, and working a small miracle everyday. If I ever get into politics, it will definitely be on that side of the curtain. But, lucky me, I would never make it in politics anyway. Thank goodness.


Triet said...

I understand your predilections, but I have to think that Mitt Romney running is overall a good thing, even if he loses, and/or is lambasted by the ignorants in the press and blogosphere about his religious views.

His place will, like it or not, be equated a lot to Joseph Smith--entering the race because he has convictions but also because it brings notoriety and press to the church.

For a church that squandered hundreds of years in bad PR, it has done wonders over our generation to combat that. Mitt Romney will bring the Mormon church into the houses of many people who currently do not know about it or have wrong preconceived notions.

The Church's PR machine is so good now, that any gratuitous misstep by the media will be thoroughly rebuked. Those in the church will get to see how a member can/cannot merge politics with religious values.

The American political landscape has successfully accepted Mormons into its inner circle (i.e. Harry Reid), but never to its premier post. Ultimately Romney's biggest legacy might not be his weathering of the storm, or his healthcare plan in Massachusetts, but he will take the brunt of the incorrect assumptions of the media, bigots' hatred, and America's skepticism, so that the next Mormon to run for the Presidency will do so on equal footing in public opinion as his/her opponent.

Triet said...

Just want to add that I am not a prophet, but it's already starting. A heckler pulled the "you don't believe in Christ" thing, Romney responded to it, and the Heckler left while Romney got a standing ovation.

I think this election will be great because we're seeing a serious candidate from three minority populations in the USA--African Americans, women, and Mormons.

By the way, did you notice how I capitalized "Heckler"? I didn't even see it 'till the comment was done. You are ... the Heckler!! Hi, my name's Heckler, and I'm here to heckle you. Feeel my heckling!

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