A thought hit me the other day: what if I completely unplugged myself from society and lived on 100 wooded acres in Alaska, and just lived off the land and the work of my own two hands?  And I mean truly disconnect from the world, to the point of recycling all the water on the property (I have a plan drawn up for a toilet-to-tap water distillation system) and plating the house with solar cells - nothing would connect me to society and I could live free from the weight of corrupt governments and extractive, exploitative economies. Oh, the dream... the Mrs isn't too fond of the toilet-to-tap idea, though.

In fact, the whole thing is a ludicrous idea. Not because it's impossible or the costs outweigh the benefits, but because when the end of the world actually DOES come, me and a handful of other weirdos would be left drinking our own water and fueling our own stoves. The rest of the world would be clamoring for help because the infrastructure on which they have come to rely would be demolished and they would be left to feed themselves, not knowing that wheat comes from seeds and beef comes from cows.  It would be so sad, but I wouldn't be in a position to help because I would be hundreds of miles away and wouldn't have a car. I probably wouldn't even know the end of the world came because I wouldn't have Facebook.

We all have our callings, and mine is to serve. I can't move away from that, though when times get rough I sometimes want to. As joyful as it would be for me to uninstall myself from the machine, God wants me to be on the ground serving his children and he will cleanse me from this generation if I am faithful. He's not calling Noahs right now (Jonahs still beware), but he is calling Almas to stay where they are and lift where they stand. So that's that. No unplugging for me. Though I do think I'm going to install toilet-to-tap when my wife's not looking.

ps, I unplugged my blog from Facebook today. Let's see if I blog more regularly now.


Mike said...

Ben I love this post. Galt's Gulch!!! I want to at least start my own sustainable farm. How's life. I heard their might be a little one on the way. When will you all be in Utah again?

-Unsense 4 Ever

xanghe said...

Hi Mike! Yes, we are expecting our first next month. It's funny that we both grew up surrounded by farms and now we live in the city and want to move back to the farm. Actually, I'll be in the city for awhile, so I have no real plans. Just in my head.

I'll let you know next time we're in town.

Amanda said...

This post made me laugh (not the spiritual part of course)....I've had the same longing at times. Congrats on your upcoming little bundle!! That is so wonderful. Unless he/she's already arrived. It's some pretty magical stuff you're embarking on!

Amanda said...

Whoa, just I just read my super rambling, not making sense comment scratch the "unless he/she's already arrived bit.....I think I was going to write another thought with that!

xanghe said...

Amanda! I can't believe you still have time to get online! I have one child and I feel like my life is imploding. But yes, we do have a baby boy and he is quite the handful. Life is a journey!

Amanda said...

Haha! Kids DO become independent after awhile. It's nice. I'm really happy for you and your darling wife!

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