Top 50 Common Vietnamese Surnames

I'm doing some research for a project at school and ran into this tidbit. Thought I'd share:

  1. Nguyễn

  2. Trần

  3. Phạm

  4. Huỳnh

  5. Phan

  6. Trương

  7. Hoàng

  8. Ngô

  9. Đặng

  10. Đỗ

  11. Bùi

  12. Dương

  13. Lương

  14. Đinh

  15. Trịnh

  16. Lưu

  17. Đoàn

  18. Đào

  19. Thái

  20. Mai

  21. Văn

  22. Cao

  23. Vương

  24. Phùng

  25. Quách

  26. Tạ

  27. Diệp

  28. Tôn

  29. La

  30. Thạch

  31. Thi

  32. Thanh

  33. Đàm

  34. Vong

  35. Triệu

  36. Bưu

  37. Phú

  38. Vĩnh

  39. Quang

  40. Tiều

  41. Hòa

  42. Trang

  43. Giang

  44. Lục

  45. Bành

  46. Nghiêm

Wikipedia has a nice post on Vietnamese surnames, but they're not all in order. I added the tones so they might be off. Let me know if I muffed your last name! I'll fix it.

This list is used by the US Department of Justice and is based on several sources:
Abrahamse A. F., Morrison, P. A. & Bolton, N. M. (1994). Population Research and Policy Review: 13 383-398.
Barringer, H. R., Gardner, R. W. & Levin, M.J. (1993). Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. The Population of the United States in the 1980s.
Buechley, R. W. (1976). Generally useful ethnic search system: GUESS. University of New Mexico, Cancer Research and Treatment Cetner (mimeo).
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Kuo, J. & Porter, K. (1998). Health status of Asian Americans: United States, 1992-1994.


Anonymous said...

What about the surname Ninh?

xanghe said...

Good question. This list only gives the top 50 common surnames, based on several sources (see original post for citations). There was a book published by a Ninh, but I don't see much else in a quick web search. Even ancestry.com doesn't pull up a surname query for Ninh (maybe you should post one?? :)

Anonymous said...

Can you find out where the surname Kim ranks in Vietnamese surname? I know there are not many Vietnamese with the last name Kim.

xanghe said...

I'm actually not sure about Kim. The above list was compiled by the US Dept of Justice, but their references may have more information about the surname Kim.

Let us know if you find something!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where I can find a list of Vietnamese family names with their meanings and possibly origins? I've looked and found nothing satisfactory yet.

Jessie Smith said...

I used to work in a Federal Detention Center and later a Federal Correctional Institution. For a while, it seemed like there was only three or four Vietnamese names. Mostly Tran, Nguyen, Hyunh, and Le. I am not saying this to be mean, but those were the most common. A lot like Smith, Jones, Brown, and Johnson I guess or in Spanish Gonzalez, Rodriguez, etc.

Tony Hoàng Long said...

I think the second last surname (49th) was actually Bành, not Banh since I'm Vietnamese. But other than that, everything else was awesome. Keep up doing the great work there!

xanghe said...

Hi Tony, thanks for pointing that out. I made the change. It's good to see that this post is still useful eight years later.

Tony Hoàng Long said...

Great, xanghe! Just another thing to point out is that somehow Wikipedia has updated, adding the surname of "Hồ" into the list of "14 most common Vietnamese family names". So yeah, good NOT to see you abandon the post, even after 8 years it was published.

xanghe said...

Yes, it does look like Wikipedia has really updated that page! That article is referring to family name distribution in Vietnam, whereas this list was compiled based on the Vietnamese American community. So that's probably the difference.

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