Serving in Japan

I just got this from my sis who is serving a mission in Japan. It cracks me up because I've heard it all before...

So, I`m loving Japan. I can`t even imagine serving anywhere else. And just for fun, here are the Oyama sisters` top five favorite rejections! (Translated from Japanese by yours truly. . .Sis. Packer )

5. "I`m about to enter the tub." (That`s okay. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.)

4. "This house is Buddhist" (That`s fine, we`re not trying to baptize the house.)

3. "I don`t believe in God." (But He believes in you.) also (Even the devil believes in God)

2. "My ancestors are god." (Cool! Did your ancestors give up their lives of their own free will, then resurrect themselves, like my God did? They didn`t? Oh, they`re still dead? Oh, that stinks. I hope they can do better for you than they did for themselves.)

And our number one favorite . . .

1. "There`s no one here." ( . . . What do you say to that?)

Have fun ;D
I love you!


Triet said...

This goes hand in hand with your Xanghe post, because it speaks somewhat to people's lackadaisical belief systems and LOTS to "lost in translation."

One of my favorites include:

"I am Buddha." (Wow! I'm humbled...but wait, the guy next door said he was Buddha also...)

Also (variation on her #1), it shows the differences in cultures because it's quite ok to blatantly lie if you feel it's better for someone. Many a time I heard an old bác say:

"______'s not here." (When he/she's standing right behind the speaker)

Triet said...

Yo' Xanghe. This is a test comment. I am trying out cocomment to see if it is the bomb or not.

I figured there has to be some resolution for my frustration...

oh, and on the topic of blueberries, I went to costco on saturday and they were giving out free samples of frozen blueberries with little pieces of spongecake and some whipped cream.

I thought, "gee, Xanghe was just talking about blueberries." Then this really fat kid, probably not more than 10 and weighing more than me, cut in front of me and grabbed the first one. I felt more pity than anything else. His stomach was flabbing over his belt like no other....

do you know that 30% of children in America have hypertension now? 33% of adults are obese, and fat parents breed fat kids--and I'm not talking genetics. Crazy.

xanghe said...

Yeah, costco gets a little out of hand. Here in Cali you have to watch out for the parents of the fat kids cutting you off to take the last four cups of granola or slices of sundried tomatoes on crackers. My wife told me the other day that 50% of the kids at her work place (an elementary school) are overweight. It's a shame because those who can't help it are the ones who really try, while those who can help it... well, I guess McDonalds is easier than cooking every night, right?
I think cocomment is the bomb, just because it's called "cocomment." I guess you'll be able to follow up with your comments now... too bad, now I can't bad mouth you in my comments. :P

Triet said...

Ok, so cocomment is NOT the bomb, but maybe it bombed...

You see, if you have cocomment, they give you a firefox bookmarklet that basically gives you cocomment functionality when you comment. You can add tags to comments, and it submits your comment to cocomment when you submit it to the blog.

HOWEVER, so far it's done a crappy job at actually tracking comments (which IS its job). It used to be that it only tracked comments of other cocomment users, but they said they changed their policy. I guess they lied.

So now I'm trying co.mments, and I like it better. Yes, it's a play on de.licio.us. Which, by the way, is an awesome social bookmarking site. I'm still in the dark as to WHY social bookmarking is so great, but it does add awesome tagging abilities through their JSON feeds that I used until I got too lazy.

But I digress. so far, co.mments has required me to put a bookmarklet in either firefox or IE and click that BEFORE I comment. So it takes some forethought, and then I have to wait for it to tell me that it's tracking the site (about 10 sec). Once that's done, it's generally been much more reliable at reporting new comments. I'll keep you updated.

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